Thursday, September 14, 2006

We didn't want to intrude on their grief...

so we allowed a bunch of Taliban fighters to get away.

This story beggars belief:

190 Taliban fighters were in sight of a U.S. drone when U.S. intelligence officers were told they could not bomb them because they were standing in a cemetery.

The fighters were gathered, close together, to attend a funeral, but soon disbanded and quickly disappeared into the mountainsides. NBC News reports that U.S. Army officers were blocked by the rules of engagement that forbid a missile or bomb strike in a cemetery although, in Iraq, battles have occurred in cemeteries before.

Keep in mind this order came as NATO was being asked to send in more troops to Afghanistan because the Taliban had been regaining strength so quickly it had been able to take back the areas it had been swept out of. Eliminating the Taliban has proved difficult, largely, because it is nearly impossible to find them in their hideouts. A large gathering like this appeared to be a gift until our military was told it was a "no go." Are we fighting a war to win it or not? It sure feels like our brave armed forces are being hamstrung.

What a funeral they could have held if we had sent them all to Allah! Just leave a few around to bury the others. These guys love death so much, it's a pity the couldn't have experienced it firsthand.

Seriously, what the hell happened? Are our armed forces run by a bunch of dimwits? They seem to think we're playing a nice peaceful game of softball on the village green. That only works if both sides agree.

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