Friday, September 01, 2006

So I'm reading this really good courtroom drama

Suddenly, just as the DA is pointing his finger at a witness, and our heroine is racing to get to court with the one person who will prove our hero's innocence, the action stops dead. The author then proves that he is a really thinking, caring and sensitive person who has credentials from the thinking-sensitive-caring community,
by inserting a sermonette on how dumb (evil, racist, vicious) President Bush is. This puts me completely out of the mood, causing me to ponder how dumb (irrelevant, witless) this is in the context of a novel. I no longer enjoy the book. I want to throw it out the window.

Why does every author, on whatever subject, have to make it clear that he/she is politically on the side of the angels? I swear, if you read an article on how to propagate marigolds, the author is sure to throw in a completely beside-the-point diatribe on Bush. If it is an older work, the darts are aimed at Reagan. Either way, I'm not interested. Not only not interested, turned off.

As a bonus, I think the author is a jackass.

While I'm on the subject, what makes Tim Robbins think I give a s**t what he thinks about anything? I've actually disliked Meryl Streep since she made her views of Alar known and practically destroyed the Chilean apple business.

Memo to actors, author, painters, journalists: Stay on topic.

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