Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reflections on Delaware vs New Jersey

1. Delaware is prettier. My neck of the woods in NJ kind of had a used-up look, as if it were coated with a barely visible coating of dust.

2. People in Delaware are friendlier.

3. But Delaware drivers are dumber. Way dumber. Many of them seem to be driving in their sleep. They dreamily change lanes or make left turns in front of oncoming traffic. They'd be run over by an 18-wheeler if they dared to drive that way in New Jersey.

4. On the bright side, Delaware drivers drive more slowly. Particularly when they are in front of me in the left lane.

5. People who come to your house to fix things are more incompetent in the First State. Particularly Verizon and Comcast. The guys who attempt to fix computers. Plumbers. I'm sure the Garden State had its share of clucks, but they didn't darken my door. My computer guy was brilliant. Cablevision worked. However, I do have a wonderful handyman, and I'm not going to tell you who he is.

6. Less crime in Delaware. Or so I thought. However, since I had my wallet stolen once and my car broken into twice in the past year, I am re-thinking this, and installing a burglar alarm and motion detectors.

7. Delaware has fewer cops lurking around. NJ cops had a way of lying in wait for drivers, then ticketing them for something. Advantage Delaware. I suppose this would be a disadvantage if you happened to need a cop. So far, I haven't.

8. DE--lower taxes all around. NJ--highest property tax of the 50 states. That was the deal maker for me. In NJ, I kept running out of money before I ran out of month. I get to keep more of my money here.

9. Shopping. New Jersey wins. No question.

10. Medical care: New Jersey has my knee doctor, who is a genius. Delaware obviously does not, but the docs seem competent. It's a draw. St Francis Hospital, DE, is confusing and has a terrible parking situation; Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, the same.

New Jersey: in all its grotty and gritty ways, it just felt like home. Delaware: it will feel like home as soon as I learn where everything is.

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Catrina said...

All good points and great comments :)