Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A lot about WalMart,

and some stuff I didn't know about Target:

I want you to do some research,... twice a week go to Walmart,and walk thru the store,and look at all the employees,then drive over to Target,and do the same thing,do this for six months,then tell me how many employees that work at Target you see that worked there 6 months ago,and do the same with Walmart. I can guarantee that the number will be higher at Walmart. Why? Because Target has a policy that after the employees 90 day probation period is over they are slowly written off the schedule,that way they don't have to pay insurance or give a raise,and they hire a new employee,and do it all over again. They will tell the employee that they are still employed there,but right now they need to give more hours to new employees so they can train them,and this goes on until the employee quits,because they can't make it one 6 hours a week.

A young person in my family was subjected to the same treatment--hours cut until they were non-existent, and I think it's a rotten thing to do. I wondered why Target is always hiring people--there are signs all over the store, and they have a kiosk where you can apply right then and there.

We don't have a WalMart; I have to make do with Target, and an occasional visit to Costco. But I wish we did have one. Why? Because competition benefits the consumer.

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