Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bad company

I think I have written before about my adventures with the Company Store, who sent me one nightstand when I had ordered two, then billed me for two, then three, and finally four.

The Company Store has lovely things for those who are in the market for $125 blankets. I'm not, but one of my relatives is, and I sent her one for Christmas last year. Of course I receive their catalog. The only other item the store ever carried which I would have been able to afford is the Nightstand of Doom.

I don't want to reiterate my troubles with this outfit, who kept telling me that they had sent me two nightstands even though they hadn't. Their records proved it, so they said.

Anyway, I called the company when I was billed for four nightstands, and had a nice long chat with some customer service rep. He told me I had paid for the nightstands and not to worry. I asked what would happen if they sent me another bill, and he said just to throw it away. As the phone hit the receiver, I knew I was in for Trouble.

Another bill. I called the bank which had the account and they knew nothing about it. They gave me a number for the company which proved to be a fax machine. So I wrote them a letter.

I told them I had only received two nightstands and two pillow covers, worth about $200 in all. I told them I was totally befuddled by them, but I did believe I owed them about $200. I asked them to write to me and accept this as payment in full, and then I would pay them the $200. I sent a copy of the bill to the bank.

They keep calling me. They would be happy to accept the $200, even over the phone, if I wished. I told them I was awaiting a letter. They told me they don't send letters; anyway they weren't going to send me one. Undoubtedly no-one in this well-run company could find a stamp. Or a computer. Or a brain.

So there we are. I have spoken to Barbara, Tracy, Stacy, Lynn and Anne, who have all called me at various times of the day. Neither Barbara, Tracy, or Stacy is willing to send me a letter. Lynn and Anne are similarly obdurant, and so am I.

Wow! Got that off my chest--I feel better!

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