Monday, August 21, 2006

This post made me think twice

It's so easy to get discouraged, if you watch the MSM and listen to the talking heads. This post is reassuring.

[T]ying Iranian-backed Shi'a militias in with Baathist and Salaafist fighters (who spent a significant amount of time and effort killing Shi'a) is wrong at best, dishonest at worse.

What this uptick in violence represents is not an angry country trying to rid itself of an occupying power... that's silly. If that's what the goverment wanted, all they have to do is say "leave," rather than "please don't go away yet." What this is is the increased aggression of foreign-backed militias. They've gotten themselves into a zealous, earth-cleansing crusading frenzy, helped by the Hezb'Allah drama and Ahmadouchebag's apocalyptic rhetoric, and by god they're going to purify their land with fire and blood. (they really do talk like that you know)

There may be a civil war in Iraq if no suitable peaceful way is found to reduce these militias; but it won't be sectarian. It'll be US- backed/nationalist/loyalist and Iran-backed/religious/rebel. If we depart without leaving a secure, unchallanged government (in whatever form) then we've handed the country to Iran and invited intervention by the other Arab powers. They've been working against us almost from the beginning, first with money, then with bombs and bullets.

The Baathists are beaten, and Al Qaeda is beaten. Now it's a war by proxy with Iran. Inshal'lah, after them there won't be another enemy and we can go home. Or invade Iran. Whatever.

Read the whole thing.

I can't forget how we were snookered during the Vietnam War by the MSM, led by Walter (the most trusted man in America) Cronkite. We won the Tet offensive! Who knew? It was presented as a disastrous loss, and there was no-one to say otherwise.

I did feel that my country was besmirched when we left hurriedly, abandoning thousands who had counted on our support. We had blood on our hands -- a shameful episode in American history.

The media did not approve of the invasion of Iraq even before it occurred, and have gone out of their way to paint it as a disaster. Of course, our political leadership is at fault for not making a case with the American public. Apparently this is a lost art. The last President who took the trouble to educate the electorate was FDR.

Meanwhile, the press has done a world of harm, particularly the NY Times. The publicity they gave to Stalin and Fidel Castro was crucial to persuading the American people to buy into the schemes of these two enemies of humanity.

If I find even myself, a skeptic, inclined to believe the worst, how about the rest of the public?

Meanwhile, the beat goes on. Lebanese children's bodies are shown pulled out of the rubble. Apparently Israeli children are bulletproof. And Hezbollah is a big benefactor of the Arabs.

Keep up the good work.

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