Friday, July 21, 2006

Unofficial Carnival of Comedy

Since no-one sent me anything, I have taken matters in my own hands and am putting out the unofficial or Counter-Carnival of Comedy. I am going to concentrate on bloggers who make me laugh.

The theme is health and fitness, and generally getting ahead in life. Let's call it health, wealth and fitness. Oh, yes, and world peace.

First up: Johnny Virgil. If you can read this without laughing out loud, call 911. Your situation is desperate.

Do you believe you are turning into one of your grandparents? If so, seek professional help immdiately.

It goes without saying, you'll feel better if you are obscenely rich. Stephenesque tells you how.

Annoyed librarian is generally annoyed with something, this time it's the ALA. Haven't you been told that stopping your meds would result in this, AL?

Our friend Buckley scores a coup--he interviews Ahmanjob, uh Ahnmjihad --oh, hell the president of Iran, dammit! That guy's a sick puppy! Not a very good outlook on world peace with him in charge!

Needless to say, good health requires the cook to have clean hands.

How to get ahead in the law business.

The learned and erudite Akaky (by the way, isn't that an odd name for an Irishman?--just asking--meditates on closing (or opening) the library. For a refreshing change, no toilets are mentioned.

Well, tht's it. The unofficial, endorsed by nobody, UnCarnival is up. If anybody ever sends me any info or posts on the Official Carnival, I will post them too.

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