Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The anti-obesity police are after you

Trying to legislate what you put in your stomach.

Via Rachel.

Why don't the powers that be issue a handbook for living, detailing just what we must do? It would be simpler.

They could have spot inspections of our homes and offices (Bloomberg is already doing it in New York City) to see if we are in possession of a pack of cigarettes or--God forbid--chocolate cake. They could issue tickets on a sliding scale: first offense, warning; second offense, hang a scarlet letter around your neck; third offense, re-education camp; fourth offense, life in prison on a diet of nothing but Cheerios and broccoli, and an apple every Christmas. (The Jews could have their apples on Rosh Hashanah, in respect for their cultural tradition. And maybe a matzoh ball for Passover.)

Did it ever occur to the powers that be to educate people and let them make their own decisions? This approach had some success with smokers. No-one was left in doubt about the hazards of smoking. Most people I know who used to smoke quit. Despite all the propaganda about how difficult it was to quit, how addictive smoking was, etc, etc., many people decided to give their lungs a break. I, personally, have all the will power of a jellyfish, but I quit, and am now holier than thou.

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