Friday, June 30, 2006

Palestinians have biological weapons?

According to Mutha faq'r, a spokesperson for the PA:

Exact details on the type of agent involved were sketchy, but during questioning by media the spokesman let slip that it involved a lot of “real snotty Kleenexes” obtained from a local pre-school where a particularly nasty variety of the sniffles “was going around.”

Said Faq’r,

“Let the Zionist dogs reap the whirlwind of our mighty sword of vengeance. We will never be content to be their servants and slaves. We will strike back with the blood of our martyrs and the nasal mucous of our children. Let the leaders of the Israeli people explain the great swath of devastation we will wreak in the midst, as their people suffer untold congestion, sore throats, and post-nasal drip. We will take great joy in their suffering and their raw, red noses.”

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