Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Librarian talks back to ALA

PBI librarian reacts to library association's anti-American agenda:

Just because all the moonbats around you are bobbing their heads up and down like one of those stupid plastic dogs in the back of a car window doesn't mean your ideas have merit - it just means that you've managed to find other loons to surround yourself with. Right now, they're in the driver's seat...and they're driving the profession of librarianship right into the shitter. When the taxpayers finally figure out what's going on in the public libraries, the current funding problems will look like the land o' plenty compared to what they'll wind up doing to us.

Here's the MOTD for the ALA leadership:

1) the SRRT and other such groups should not be seen as the voice of librarians. The SRRT should be disbanded immediately as incompatible with the mission of the ALA.

2) Politics have NO place in the library. Yes, this means YOU.

3) Concern yourself with library issues. NOT everything is a library issue. Matter of fact, MOST things are not library issues.

4) Concentrate on how librarians can add value to information services. If the state of public libraries is anything to go by, all the MLSs will eventually be replaced with paraprofessionals. This is because YOU have allowed reference to degenerate into being a phone operator, social worker, nose wiper and floor mopper. The demise of librarianship will come about quickly once those holding the purse strings realize they are paying people with graduate degrees to look up phone numbers and point homeless people to the bathroom if we don't have anything else to offer.

5) Have I mentioned GET OUT OF POLITICS?

I've met some of these ALA bigwigs. Don't be confused by the bleeding heart rhetoric. They are ambitious and arrogant, and would speedily grind you up in one of Saddam's shredders if you get in their way.

The ALA should be disbanded. They don't speak for all of us. But librarians do have a mission--to defeat the armies of ignorance and stupidity.

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