Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Wilmington Institute Library

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This is the library which has my heart. They have all the books you remember from libraries past. Pearl Buck? They've got her. Sir Walter Scott? Yep. And the book I look for, the signifier, Lorna Doone; they've got old Lorna, all right. Some day I'll have to read that book, but for now, seeing it on the shelf is like seeing an old friend.

The picture is lousy, but there's no way to take a really good picture of it. There are too many bus shelters, light poles, traffic signs and so on in the way. But it is expressive of the grandeur that was Library. I sometimes flirt with the Brandywine Hundred Library, but I always return to my main squeeze.

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Anonymous said...

if you love the library so much help keep it open. the staff is in the middle of a very bad area. the police told them to take the door off of the stall in the mens room because of drug activity and just about everyday someone spreads shit all over the walls and floors. one of the pages that put away books found shit between the pages of a magazine. the police are called to stop fights and remove people that are causing a scene. the staff also took a paycut and haven't had a raise in 2 years. so if you want to do something good for the library speak out and make a difference