Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rich white Harvard boys in trouble

Harvard's athletes are not to be outdone by these pathetic crackers at Duke.


owing not to be outdone by a “small Southern town prosecutor”, the DA’s office in Boston, Massachusetts has accused the Harvard 8 Man Crew Team of taunting, torturing and impaling a bus load of Mexican, illegal alien, lesbian, prostitutes who were in town to assist in an anti-war, anti-fur, vegan, Earth First, gay pride, ACLU, anti-Bush, peaceful demonstration to point out the horrors of global warming.

The all-white crew team is reported to consist solely of children who’s father’s are either; tobacco lobbyists, “Big Oil/Coal” executives, Halliburton board members, Fox News anchors or grossly overpaid CEOs. All of their mothers have been described as botox-filled, spa queens.

At a press conference today, assistant DA, Dan Conley was quoted as saying, “Our privileged white boys are far more privileged, far more white and committed far worse hate crimes than those pseudo-uppercrust, prepster wanna-be, rednecks in the Carolinas.”

Take that, Duke!

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