Friday, April 14, 2006

New crisis in Africa

Sudan has more bloodshed than they can consume locally, so decides to export same to Chad. Timeline:

Dec 19, 2005 - Chad's army says its forces killed about 300 rebels after they launched a failed offensive the day before on the border town of Adre.

-- Dec 27 - President Deby lobbies the African Union to condemn neighbour Sudan for what he says is Khartoum's support for rebels seeking to overthrow him.

-- Dec 30 - Chad rebel groups opposed to Deby say they have formed a military alliance, the United Front for Democratic Change (FUC), to try to overthrow him.

Jan 8, 2006 - Chad demands Sudan disarm Chadian rebels in Darfur as a condition for peace talks to end a growing dispute with Khartoum over rebel and militia raids in the border area.

-- Feb 8 - Leaders of Chad and Sudan agree to put an end to a crisis between the two, which have accused each other of backing insurgents to topple them. The Tripoli Agreement between Deby and Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan is reached at the end of mini-summit hosted in Tripoli by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

-- March 15 - Chad says it has foiled a coup attempt by a group of soldiers who planned to shoot down Deby's plane.

-- March 21 - Government troops in Chad launch a military offensive against rebels in the east as Deby seeks to reassert his control over the country.

-- April 13 - Government forces fight off rebels in the capital N'Djamena and the situation in the city is under control. The fighting killed about 100 people and wounded 200.

-- April 14 - Deby breaks diplomatic relations with Sudan which he accuses of backing armed groups which have carried out attacks across Chad, including the raid on the capital.

Thank you, God, for not letting me get born in Africa.

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