Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I "heart" quotation "marks"

but they can be overdone.

Mr. Peterson has been teaching at Albany High School since 1974; his blog deserves a look, not because he has any brilliant insight about what's going on in the troubled schools, but because you MUST see his unbridled use of unnecessary and inappropriate quotation marks....
Whenever Peterson wants to "emphasize" a word or make a "point" he "hauls out" the quotation marks. His writing makes me "wonder" how he ever "got out" of college, much less been "allowed" to teach ---and "Mr. Pete" complains that "kids" can't "write?" What he "needs" is an "editor." Maybe someone from the "English department" needs to run down there and smack his hand every time it "strays" near the quote key. I'm not "Joe Grammar," but I know something that's "messed up" when I see it.

I feel some "sympathy" for "Albany eye." Mr Peterson does "appear" to use quotes "rather often" if not "promiscuously." This is indeed a bad "habit." In order to put a "stop" to this, Peterson has to learn "self-control." That will be "hard."

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