Thursday, April 27, 2006

human rights for prisoners, not for soldiers

I was listening to NPR yesterday, and came upon this gem.

[A] report by several human-rights groups says that, so far, only low-ranking soldiers have borne the brunt of the scandal, and that abuse in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, is still widespread.

If you listen to the podcast, the "human rights groups" are angry that more soldiers, particularly high-ranking ones, have not been punished and are not rotting in jail. It never seems to occur to these dummies that military personnel have the right to due process. They even have the right to be acquitted or have a light sentence imposed. The HRG will not be satisfied until these soldiers are punished.

Too bad for these soldiers that they are not criminals who murdered people while holding up a convenience store, like Tookie Williams. The human rights groups would be agitating for their release.

I'm not condoning abuse of prisoners, but making someone wear a woman's underwear on his head is not the moral equivalent of cold-blooded murder. It's just that these ghetto types are oh so much more authentic than a guy in uniform.

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