Saturday, April 15, 2006

Do illegals have more rights than other people?

I have some sympathy for the illegal immigrants (AKA undocumented) but I don't care to watch them demonstrate in Spanish with Mexican flags yet. Even less do I like the idea of giving them back part of the country. Fellows, we fought a Civil War to prevent that very thing from happening!
All this clamoring for rights they don't have makes me think of a burglar who not only breaks into your house, but makes you serve him milk and cookies.
Demediacrat is getting tired of illegal immigants' "rights:"

For some reason, the U.S. is not allowed to cover it's own *ss in the world. If we do, or suggest that we want to we get a whole bunch of guff from everyone. What gives. There are not many, I would think, that are against immigration or immigrants; the media and proponents of legalizing the illegal paint it that way, but that doesn't make it so.

What is wrong with our wanting to respect the laws of our nation? What is wrong with the U.S. observing its right to sovereignty? Many of us look in awe (I don't mean admirable awe either) at europe and its nanny state policies; and seems that since the U.S. can afford it (as of right now maybe), the world expects us to follow suit (and we sure do our fair share of trying)....When we have the borders under some semblance of control, we can discuss it and should discuss it, but until then - KEEP OUT!

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