Monday, April 17, 2006

Audiobooks and other miscellany

The library girl speaks up in favor of audiobooks:

Audiobooks are the best kept secret in the reading world. Once thought to be an invention for the visually impaired or long-distance driver, they are any and every reader’s best friend. I’ve worked in libraries for years, and I always disregarded them until last summer. Now, I’m a junkie. Trust me, once you listen to one, you’re guaranteed to be hooked and your reading habits will change forever.


The main reason I love them is that people can squeeze more books into their lives during times that they would not otherwise be able to read. In my case, because I need to have several going on at once, I tend to take whatever I find even remotely interesting on the shelf. That has led me to many titles I might have missed under normal circumstances.

There is also the health benefit, which stems in large part from the reduction in stress, particularly if you spend time in traffic. Every formerly aggravated driver I know now looks forward to getting in their car because they have a good audiobook waiting.

My husband used to listen to audiobooks when he had a long commute to work. As with librarygirl, he would listen to books he wouldn't necessarily read in book form, and enjoy them. As I worked in the library, he had an endless source of supply. He maintained that they kept him from going crazy. The jury is still out on that one.

Speaking of Mr Charm, I have been going through old photos, looking for pictures of him and finding very few. Many of my pictures of him show only a foot, or a hand holding a cup, or his back. When I do find a picture of him, he doesn't like it. Perhaps he is in the witness protection program?

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