Sunday, January 22, 2006

You, too, can be a millionaire

From Teahouse Blossom, some tips:

I've been reading a lot of financial books lately....

"The Cappuccino Factor - stop buying coffee in the morning and you'll save $10 million by age 30!!"

"If you bring your lunch to work every day, and invest it in a stock that has an annual yield of 48%, in 10 years you'll have $500 million for your retirement!"

"All you have to do is put your change in a jar at the end of each day. Doing that, you'll have $1 million by the time you turn 65, assuming a savings account with a 64% interest rate!"

Unfortunately, Teahouse is unable to abandon her profligate, spendthrift ways:

These books have me convinced that saving every penny possible can have a huge financial impact on my life 50 years from now....

In the meantime, I haven't gotten around to buying any 2 cent stamps for the postal rate increase...
I still have some 3-cent stamps from the previous postage rate increase, a couple of years ago. I've been using those to make up the extra rate.

So technically, I'm overpaying each letter I send by 1 penny.

According to the people who write these financial books, as a result of sending out 10 letters last week, I've already screwed myself out of approximately $486,254.58 in retirement funds.

I might as well start stocking up on the dog food now.

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