Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's be friends

Trouserquandreveals information on conciliatory overtures by the terrorists:

In a Video released to the Al-Jolsona TV network yesterday, Wheelie Bin-Liner, the self-proclaimed 'leader' of the so-called 'terrorist network' Al-kohliks directly addressed the American president, proclaiming 'You're my best mate, you are.' In a grainy, poor-quality video that often slipped in and out of focus, the Al-kohlik mastermind, further added 'Listen we both had a few, you know, some things were said, a few things got out of hand and a few things happened which we all regret now. So, how about it then?'

When finally coaxed out from under the Oval Office desk after receiving assurances that 'the naughty man had all gone away now', the US president said, 'Let him come and try, if he thinks he's hard enough', while the Secretary of State pulled him back by the arm saying, 'Leave it, G.W., he's not worth it!'

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