Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google searches

I'm always disappointed by google searches leading to my blog. They all seem to be about Natalee Holloway (I posted about her in August 2005).

Johnny Virgil is getting all the good ones. A sample:

Good size for a ho train platform -- Another tough one. My feeling is that you're going to need a pretty big platform if you're going to start up a working ho train. I would suggest something at least three times the normal platform size and comfortably soft, since people will most likely be lying down rather than standing up. I would also suggest something that is easily hosed off. I am leaning towards vinyl padding, but I'll let you know which way I go once the project comes together and I make my first cross country run. You'll be able to get pre-sale tickets and investment information at www.hotrain.com when I finally get it up.

JV is really good. I always enjoy his site.

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