Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wyatt Earp doesn't like Philadelphia's mayor

A promotion ceremony scheduled by the Mayor:
[T]oday was the promotion ceremony. My family was in the crowd and afterwards, my father told me, "I have never seen you smile so much and for so long." He was right; I was downright scary happy, which was why I only posted today's news without the usual editorializing. ...
Anyway, the promotees were to report by 0915 for the 1100 ceremony - which was moved up from 1000 to accommodate Philadelphia Mayor John "I ain't been indicted yet" Street. We were notified of the time change on Friday. After a run-through of the festivities, the show began more or less on time. As the dignitaries approached the stage, the mayor was absent. It was announced that "hizzoner" was running late, and my friend Tony said, "He ain't coming."

After the end of the procession, it was announced that the mayor would not be attending. Go figure. The crowd gave out a combination of giggles and sarcastic "awwww's," and we were dismissed to the second floor for our new badges (and "shields" for detectives)....

Editor's note: I realize that this post is much of the same verbal diarrhea, but I need another paragraph to explain Street to those who never dealt with him.

John Street is everything that is wrong with politics. His utter disdain for the police officers and firefighters in this city is almost laughable. He did not attend the last Police Academy graduation, nor did he attend the funeral of Gennaro Pellegrini, an officer who was killed in Iraq. What's worse is that today's ceremony was held at Temple University's McGonagle Hall, which is not only in his former council district, but a few blocks away from his home. It is also about twenty city blocks from City Hall. He could have walked there. God, what a scumbag.

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