Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nothing new in New Jersey, move along

From a central NJ newspaper:

TRENTON — Departing Attorney General Peter Harvey is mailing law firms and others throughout the state a glossy 56-page report touting his accomplishments.

The first page of the 2003-2004 annual report bears Harvey's picture and greeting, as well as photographs of him in publications talking about how he turned heads in Trenton, demanded respect and was among America's top black lawyers.

The Department of Law and Public Safety, which Harvey heads, paid GraphiColor Corp. of Vineland $7,460 to print 4,000 copies. To date, the state has spent $6,500 in postage to mail 2,700 copies, or $2.44 per report....

Over the past few weeks, crates of the annual reports have been leaving
the Justice Complex in Trenton for dozens of law firms and the Atlantic City casinos, sources said.

The annual report contains six pictures of Harvey — five of them on the first five pages — including three on the opening page....

The annual report is full of newspaper clippings about fighting corruption, prosecuting fraud and protecting consumers.

The report contains none of the voluminous stories written during Harvey's tenure about the questions raised over cases that were not prosecuted or about the fine he paid for giving his wife and friends ringside passes to boxing matches in Atlantic City.

The State Athletic Control Board, informally known as the boxing commission, which Harvey placed directly under his jurisdiction and where he got into trouble over the ringside tickets, is relegated to a brief section on the last page of the report.

Also on the last page, with only one paragraph, is the Executive Commission on Ethical Standards, the ethics agency which fined Harvey $1,500 for the ringside violations. Harvey was the first attorney general ever sanctioned by the commission.

Hat tip to Newjerseyblog.

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