Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Jersey and baked ziti--

what's that all about?

I have received a number (okay, one) of inquiries as to why baked ziti is of such vital importance to my web site.

I was originally from New Jersey. Baked ziti is the New Jersey national dish. No-one of any ethnicity whatever is permitted to have a gathering of 12 or more people without serving baked ziti. The police are rather strict in their enforcement of this law.

After we eat our baked ziti (yum), we all go out and have gas pumped for us. (New Jersey state motto: We're too dumb to pump gas.)

But now I'm in Delaware, and I haven't seen a ziti (zito--could that be the singular of ziti?) since I got here.

And I have to pump my own gas.

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