Thursday, December 08, 2005

Islamists honor Rosa Parks, but not much

The Religion of Peace gets some good publicity:

[CAIR] donated two "Rosa Parks Civil Liberties Scholarships" to college students last Saturday for the obvious purpose of trying to associate itself with the legacy of the former civil rights icon. The total price tag was a mere $1500, which is a superb example of cost-efficient public relations spending by an organization awash in Wahabbi funding. Split down the middle, the grant might cover about two semester's worth of cable television....
Before CAIR gets too hung up on the idea that it is "keeping it real" it might do well to remember that on their website (right below the self-indulgent article on the scholarships) is a link that allows visitors to order religious materials that refer to black people as "Raisin-heads," "collectables," and "men of no descent" with hearts "grosser than a donkey." The Qur'an that CAIR promises to send out, along with the Hadiths, also talks of leaving an African to die if injured and provides a "how-to" manual on slavery that's been serving the Muslim world for 1400 years.

Beyond an unflattering description of black people, the Islamic religion proscribes third-class treatment for dhimmis - non-Muslims under Muslim rule. Dhimmitude is Jim Crow on steroids, complete with diminished legal status for minorities, segregation, constant intimidation… and a much higher stack of dead bodies. Islamists kill more "unbelievers" every ten months, in fact, than the entire number of black Americans lynched in the last 120 years combined.

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