Friday, December 16, 2005

Is it nice to be nice?

My cousin Sam once told me the theme of his rabbi's most frequent sermon: It's nice to be nice. The Bushes, father and son, seem to have absorbed the lesson. They are unvaryingly kind to their enemies. Then, when they get kicked in the teeth, the act even kinder:

If you didn’t know that our current president only has female children you’d know it now: the man simply cannot withstand incessant, emotion-based nagging about trivial, unimportant shit — and yes, the fact that occasionally a captured terrorist we are questioning may get a couple of extra-hard slaps is trivial shit.... But this sends a great message to our enemies: “Yeah, we’re still softies at heart; we talk the talk, but we don’t really mean it!” I wonder which of our structures they’ll take out next. After all, it’s not like they’re really going to get punished for it. America’s like a dad all right — a dad who wants to be his juvenile delinquent kid’s best buddy, and thinks that a combo of stern talks, flattery, and buying the kid off with presents will do the trick.

I’ve said it before, I will say it now: the only reply to repeated accusations that we “torture” the poor little tewwowists should have been an ominous silence. NO, I’m not saying we should have actually tortured anyone, but why the FUCK should any anti-American leftist dickwad have to know one way or the other? We can’t do anything right in the eyes of these people, so why the hell should we even be talking to them? Let them bleat and screech all they want — they will anyway. You watch them start complaining about every single nitpicky thing now that we’ve given them a little inch of what they want. You just watch.

Thanks to dustbury.

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