Thursday, December 22, 2005

The high school "popular girl" loses her appeal

Revenge of the not so popular:
Every day, I check the obits in the town I grew up in.....
Today, I pop over to the newspaper online site to check the obits whilst having coffee this afternoon.

Lo and behold, there's this...person on the front page....

The realization hits me that I know a particular person pictured in one of the two pictures.


My next thought after that sinks in....

"OMFG! While it may be vain of me to think this because I'm a short, fat and frumpy size twelve, I look WAY better than she does and she was such a bitch in high school!"...

I'm also still married to the same man I started out with. (She has been married at least twice and at least two of those times was to the same man, which I'm not sure how that counts.)

I can also honestly say that my chest looks better in a sweatshirt than hers does and this is after having children and breastfeeding. (She looks pretty shapeless now.)

She was such a bitch in high school, a total snob and just not very nice in general except to a very select few people.

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