Saturday, December 31, 2005

The end of the year lists

Nobody ever asks who are the dumbest Americans. Unfortunately, most of them serve in the US Senate or the House.

My ten biggest dopes:

1. Barbara Boxer; others abide the question, she is free, in the words (cribbed from somewhere else) of the master P G Wodehouse.

2. Nancy Pelosi: she ran a good race, but Boxer outclassed her.

3. The despicable Carl Levin.

4. Arthur Sulzberger the Third or whatever number he is--apostle of political correctness.

5. Howell Raines, ditto. I hope he has found his true calling as a ditchdigger.

I'm tired now; I'll come up with the rest tomorrow. Nobody is going to read it, anyway.

1 comment:

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