Monday, December 05, 2005

Developments in Delaware

I live in something called the Brandywine Hundred. A hundred of what is shrouded in history, but you know where you are: everything is Brandywine, Brandywoods, Brandon. Brandywine Plaza, Brandywine Mall, etc. Another popular theme is Concord, as in Concord Mall, Concord Plaza and for all I know, Concord Tattoo Parlor, or Concord House of Ill Repute.

When they ran out of Brandies and Concords, the developers had to think of new names. So they called a place Smith Farms, after the farm that was obliterated on the site, or Smith Woods, if they had to cut down the woods to build the place. Sounds very woodsy or farmy, doesn't it? How about Smith Crest, which is at the bottom of a gentle slope? I thought a crest was on the top of a hill, but what did I know?

Eveerything has a hifaluting Norman or Celtic name: there are no Kosinsky Woods, no Cohen Woods, no Giuliani Farms. No Gupta or Sze. There's no Smith either; I made that one up. But you get the idea. Building developments is an Anglo-Saxon monopoly.

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