Monday, November 07, 2005

Think George W Bush is bad?--Oy vey ! Moses was a disaster!!

An archeological find by adam's blog:

The following scroll was found in the Sinai desert and claims to be an op-ed written by Dathan, a Hebrew opponent of Moses. What follows is “Dathan’s” opinion of the leadership of Moses.

Where does one begin in describing the failures of Moses? He led us out of the land of Egypt in an ill-prepared and ill-thought out exodus. We’ve already been faced with shortages in the necessities of life as we journey towards the “land flowing with milk and honey”.

From the beginning, Moses’ plan for the liberation of our people was ill-planned. He lacked a comprehensive exit strategy for leaving Egypt with enough food and water to sustain us through our journeys. At least in the land of Egypt, we had leeks and onions, rather than this unmitigated disaster in the desert.

First, he came to the Pharaoh in the name of the God of Abraham demanding that he let us go to hold a feast to God in the wilderness. The problem with Moses is that he can’t open his mouth without bringing up God....

Moses could have chosen to seek help from the International community, by going to the King of Edom or his Midianite in-laws, but instead Moses began to send plagues on the Egyptians. Now, many have claimed that I’ve taken an inconsistent position on the plagues, but I have not. I’ve had one clear position. These were the wrong plagues in the wrong places at the wrong time, and the result was only to harden Pharaoh’s heart.
We must seek allies among the nations around us....

The Hebrews need new leadership that understands we can’t go it alone in search of dreams of freedom, we must work the International Community to secure our prosperity and reputation.

Read the whole thing.

From the Best of Me #106.

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