Saturday, November 19, 2005

Revenge of the robots

According to shamus, robots are going to replace the dolts in the retail business by 2016:

There are a few jobs I will be extremely elated to see an efficient, well-mannered robot preforming:

Bagel Guy at Price Chopper - ... after over 2 years of going in there he still has no clue what I will be ordering. Do I expect him to know my name or pop an Everything bagel into the toaster the moment he sees me? No. But just a glimmer of recognition.... It's sad to think the Bakery Robot is going to showup a human in the whole customer service angle, but it will.

The Home Depot Crew - I don't mean to single out HD, because Lowes is equally bad at customer service. There are 5 employees in the whole 20 acre store, and only 1 of the five knows what a hammer is. I go to the store only because I work right across the street, but in the end, I have to take the Saturday morning trip to the local hardware store to find someone who knows anything aboutn what they are selling. So staffing these places with robots will be a huge improvement. The robots are much less prone to pilfering of the merchandise and goofing off as well, unlike the sales kids in Lowes who are whacking each other with collapsable rakes while I'm trying to find someone to help me find a wax toilet seal. Anybody?

The DMV ....I suppose dealing with this clientele takes it's toll on even the nicest person, but attitude you get from the workers at the DMV is way off the bitterness scale. In the future, a robot will greet people entering the DMV and immediately turn away people who are carrying livestock, screaming babies or anyone in need of soapy bath. From there, the process will be a walk in the park, as the robots assist in the completion of the bizarre and
confusing forms, so that even the illiterate folks can get their vanity license plates in 10 minutes or less.

I can't wait to get my drivers license renewed in 2016.


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