Monday, November 14, 2005

A chat with Dish network

I called to cancel my service with Dish Network in August, ending September 30. Through neglect and stupidity, I paid the October charges billed to my credit card. But when they billed for November, I called them.

After the usual voicemail boilerplate, I got hold of a humanoid.

Me: I called in August to terminate my Dish service.
H: We have a record that you called concerning your bill.
Me: No, I called to terminate.
H: You may think you called to terminate, but our records show that you didn't.
Me: Maybe I should have recorded the call for quality control purposes, but I did call to terminate.
H: But our records--
Me: I moved! I MOVED FROM NEW JERSEY! Why would I want Dish service in New Jersey when I moved out of the State?
H: Well, but our records--
Me: Terminate it now!
H: (a little huffy) We are terminating the service as of today.
Me: Good!
H: Would you be like to have the service transferred to your new address?
Me: Do I sound like I want that?


Anonymous said...

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