Friday, September 16, 2005

Wandering Jew stays put

One of the characters in Randall Jarrell's Pictures from an Institution remarks something like this: "We Jews don't have to worry about travel. We get chased around the world anyway." True, my people historically have traveled with vicious dogs and thugs armed with the latest in weaponry (for their times)in hot pursuit. If we are lucky, we have managed to sew a few diamonds in our underwear.

Well, my house deal fell through. On the day of closing. Or rather, they asked for more time--and maybe, just maybe--it would go through. They can't have more time. The sellers have had two lawyers, two or three prospective lenders, and I'm out of time. I'm sure I could spend the rest of 2005 and part of 2006 waiting for them, but I lost my house in Delaware. The sellers trust us like we trust our buyers. One thing I learned in life, is that you can't trust someone you can't trust.

Okay. So in my effort to be a nice guy and give them immediate possession, I had the movers in my house all day Wednesday and Thursday. The truck was just about loaded when I left to attend the closing, which, as I said, fell through. I went home and had the truck unloaded. Darrell, Byron, and Alex were very nice young men, but they discovered the radio and played rap music the entire time, so I have a headache which goes from my left big toe through the top of my head.

New Jersey and me, perfect together.

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