Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some Brits feel the hurricane didn't go far enough

The BBC asked for comments: Drinksoaked
doesn't care for the comments:

It seems some British people are a bit disappointed by the effect of Hurricane Katrina!
I do not feel it has changed the US citizens which is what was needed

That's David from Kent, otherwise I suspect he is a generally nice person. Probably rings up his mother on a weekly basis and says hello to his neighbours.

The US has to wise up and take a long hard look at itself

That ex-pat Steve in Prague. No doubt he is a thoroughly modern man at ease with himself as a cultured European, with its long history of peace and humanity.

A more humble voice is now required

K Webb, UK.

So, if the US does not change its foreign policy, its views on global warming, or any other policy some pampered wanker over here doesn't care for, no doubt we'll see calls for earthquakes in California to give a stronger message.

If you think I'm being a pro-American cheerleader here, let's just compare the sanctimonious puke written in the wake of Hurricane Katrina with what was written in the wake of the 2004 earthquakes in Iran.

A dissenting view: I am frankly revolted by the response of the Bush-Bashers; "Sorry chaps, but you did have it coming..." The plain fact is that Bush has a sight more in the way of common humanity than a great many of his detractors. At least he isn't using this disaster for cheap political point-scoring.
Mac, Nottingham

Thanks, Mac.

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