Friday, September 02, 2005

Customer dis-service

a hint from Tinkerty Tonk:

Maybe it's not such a good idea to hire someone to man (in this case woman? person?) the phones who has a heavy accent. But if you do: How about teaching them not to mumble? And if that's out: Perhaps you should instruct them not to emit a(n audible!) sigh each time they are asked to repeat something?

Also, if I post $200, can I get out of Voice Mail Jail? I just had a nightmare experience with PayPal:
1) the commercial--how wonderful they are, and would you mind taking a brief survey?

2) voice mail with five selections, none of which had any bearing on the matter I was calling about. Rinse and repeat, five--yes five--times.

3) Somehow intuit that pressing the star button would connect me with a warm body, press same.

4) Music

5) Connect with humanoid, who moreover speaks English.

6) Get the job done (time elapsed: 10 seconds).

7) Tell the poor soul on the other end of the line, who has been efficient and helpful, that I hate PayPal and hope they go out of business. Not her fault, of course, poor thing.

8) She tells me to "have a great day."

9) Feel like worm, having been at the other end of such conversations many times at the library.

I hate PayPal.

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