Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vicious George takes a vacation

I've been reading lots of smears and putdowns about George W taking a five week vacation. This leads me to a stroll down Memory Lane, since I go back a ways. As I recall, there was sniping aplenty when Harry Truman went to Key West--especially when he wore a lurid Hawaian shirt. In case you don't remember, Truman was the official bumbling idiot then. The press didn't think much of him. Only the voters liked him.

I also remember a lot of criticism about Eisenhower--not only did he play golf, wasting time when he should have been working, but he couldn't frame a coherent sentence. He was the official dunce-in-office at the time. I remember thinking, how dumb can this guy be, if he won World War II? The voters continued to ignore Ike's stupidity and re-elected him.

Reagan, that dope, was always chopping wood while the world was going to hell. According to the pundits, chopping wood was about as much cerebral activity he was capable of. Re-elected! What dumb voters!

I'm sure George W Bush did not take the phone off the hook when he got to Texas. I'm sure he gets briefing papers and meets with varioous officials, including foreign dignitaries, all the time.

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