Thursday, August 18, 2005

A marine and his wife write to friends and relatives:

I'm aware that this will be a difficult 6-7 months (I should return in March), for many of you. My suggestion, through experience, is for you not to believe everything you see on TV or read in the newspaper. Talking to my friends and fellow Marines over there right now tell me the same thing. Obviously, I will be gone during the holidays. This is bitter sweet because I would much rather deal with missing a few holidays than to have to deal with the extreme heat during Iraq's summer months. Dry heat or no dry heat, a 130 degrees is 130 degrees.
Being a Marine and serving in a war time Marine Corps is what I do, and I do it by choice. I am aware of the reality and dangers of my job. I volunteered to be a Marine and I volunteered to join a combat unit, as I knew they would be going back to Iraq. I realize that everyone has a difference of opinion, therefore I request that my name and/or my service not be used to speak out against this war. This is my choice and I know the risks I take. I support your right to say what you feel but please do not use my name, our relationship or my service to do so....


Love, Warriorjason

The next portion is from Warriorswife. I've replaced the names with our blog names but the majority of everything else is unchanged.

Hi All, hope you're doing well....
So, where do I start. Well , my motto is making a positve out of a negative, so here I go. This deployment to Iraq is going to be very different for Jason........and all of us.
Reason #1 - We'll all have pretty good (direct) contact with WarriorJason via email or telephone, rather than snail mail like the last time. And let's face it, although I know you all LOVE to hear from ME, hearing from WarriorJason himself is so much better :-).
Reason #2 - Jason was very well trained the first time he was in Iraq and now he is with a very good unit that is highly trained and very well skilled in the specific job that they do. Combine that with his prior experience and we've got one very well prepared and "in-tune" Marine, brother, son, uncle, friend and husband (& one day DAD....he he).
Reason #3 - (Though it's not as different as the first time)....He is in God's hands. Yes, I said God. I'm not a very religous person, but I do consider myself a pretty spiritual one. Just as God watched over WarriorJason the first time, I have no doubt He will keep him safe and well the second time. This gives me much comfort and I hope it does the same for you.

Please know that you can call me any time you like if you have any questions or just need to talk. Just keep in mind that I will return the favor and will be calling you as well!
Love you all,

This is a portion of what Warriorwife and I sent out.

Semper Fi

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