Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another blogging librarian!

I love to link to other librarians, especially when they reveal the kind of patrons we have to put up with:

Being a librarian, I'm having all new experiences with teachers that make me worry about the future of mankind.

By and large, the worst offenders with overdue materials are teachers. And how do we know they're teachers? Because they announce their profession like it entitles them to certain privileges and exemptions from everyday life. They will walk in the library and demand service, waving in my face a badge they wear around their neck which identifies them as employees of a local school.

Obnoxious Patron: Hello, I need all the books you have on every state in the U.S.

Me: Ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm helping this patron right here. I'll be with you shortly.

Obnoxious Patron: Hmmpf! [She shifts her weight from leg to leg, rolling her eyes as I explain the Dewey location of an item the patron I've been helping is after.]

Me: Okay, thanks for waiting. You said something about needing books on states?

Obnoxious Patron: Yes! Every state. Every book you have on them all.

When I worked in the Children's Department, I dreaded teachers worst of all. They never return their books, for one thing. They give ridiculous assignments, for another.

One teacher gave each of his students the name of a person to look up at the library. Some were easy. Others we could not find, with our best effort. It turns out some of the names were fictitious. The teacher made them up!

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