Friday, July 22, 2005

Shoes without socks, ugh!

IT seems almost obscene, given the expanses of midriff, thigh and backside that too many people are all too willing to bare today, that the decision to show a little ankle with dress shoes should raise eyebrows. But almost obscene is just how it seems to many. (From the NyTimes, link defunct.)

My grandson used to wear his sneakers without socks until the entire family rose in rebellion. When he went withouot socks, we could smell it.

Closed shoes without socks make your feet gummy and sweaty. As the Manolo says: Pah!


Lizy said...

Shoes without socks..cant imagine that..just think the way it will one prefer this..

Anonymous said...

Wearing sneakers without socks is like wearing the same pair of undies day in and day out. Dead skin will buildup in the shoe mixed with the moisture of the foot making a excellent enviroment for bacteria to thrive. I got a ride back with a female runner that runs triathlons. She had a pair of shoes in the car that reeked badly. She do not have athletes foot. Without socks, all of the sweat goes right to the shoes. Even in leather boat shoes my feet tend to slouch around in sweat without a sock.