Thursday, June 30, 2005

Princess Diana's Psychic dies

But not before demonstrating her awesome psychic powers:
Madame Vasso
(Filed: 01/07/2005)


Her book The Duchess of York - Uncensored (1996, co-written with the Daily Mirror journalist David Leigh), was based on tapes of confidential conversations over the six years when the Duchess had sought her advice and counsel. It presented her as an unhappy and foolish woman obsessed with sex, money and crystal balls. []

Mme Vasso's astonishing powers of prescience made her sense that her client was going through "a difficult stage" shortly after the Duchess told her that she was considering getting a divorce, and enabled her to predict that the famously globe-trotting Duchess would make two trips abroad. Most uncannily of all, she warned the Duchess that she would be double-crossed by an older woman who knew her secrets.

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