Friday, June 24, 2005

Naked Bloggers Day, or Nekkid Bloggers Day if you prefer

Nothing in the world unites humanity more than,

Well, more than the desire to get nekkid. Let's face it folks; it's summer and it's hot outside. It's time to shed some layers, all of 'em if need be, and cool.

... Today, June 24, has been declared Blog Nekkid Day.

Now just so you don't go thinking this is a minor going on, let me be clear. This is International with a capitol I. Bloggers, beginning in New Zealand (where it's winter but the hot tub is apparently up to snuff) and circling the globe through the Middle East, Europe, Great Britain, and all across the US, are getting nekkid. Why? Because, Miriam claims it's a darn comfortable thing to do. And if you can't believe a sensible librarian in New Jersey, who can you believe?

Thanks for the kind words. Nobody in my family would ever call me sensible. And actually, I am a recovering librarian.

Okay, off with the clothes. Must keep the faith.

However, after a certain age, I notice, my appearance improves with every item of clothing I put on, not take off. I look best in a long coat with the hood pulled up.

But this is about comfort--and liberation!

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