Thursday, April 21, 2005

News from the Jews

Because I belong to s synagogue, I get the local Jewish paper, the Jewish Standard (no link, at least I can't find one). I read it, well, religiously. Which is to say, it has a place of honor in my bathroom. A sample headline:
Jews largely skip filibuster debate

Why is this big news? Jews have strong opinions, pro or con, on everything from the new Pope to gefilte fish. Apparently, though, they can take the filibuster or leave it alone. Thank God there is one issue they don't feel passionately about.

Another article I found interesting, "Two can tango," concerns a joint Arab-Jewish tango orchestra in Argentina, called Salam-shalom. The purpose of the group is to improve Arab-Jewish relations and provide good dance music. The tango is very popular with Argentinians.

I'm not trying to put down the Jewish Standard. It's a lot more trustworthy than the New York Times. Besides, I take a great interest in the tango. You can say I'm pro-tango.

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